Sunrise Inc – Mysterious Girl (Official Video)

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Music & Lyrics: Sunrise Inc

Label: Cat Music Romania


Sunrise Inc – Mysterious Girl Lyrics

The way you move,
You’re moving down on me,
Beside me, la la la la la,
Mysterious girl.
Moving, moving down on me,
Makes me wanna la la la la la,
Mysterious girl.

You and me together, run away forever,
Never let me go, love me like you know,

Oh, oh, eeeyaaaa,
Party till the morning light,
Oh, oh, eeeyaaaa,
Party like nobody, make it right.


[Bridge] x 2

Give me all your love, love, love tonight.
No one is but you, you,
You can be forever and always my sunlight.

[Chorus] x 2


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